Posted by: adithoughts | January 25, 2011

My favourite t-shirts

Here are my favourite t-shirts:

#5: Night of mayhem at the carnival in Grenada when Sachin and I got drunk and ran back from St George’s to campus at 2AM and then talked to a couple of brits about party spots in front of SD1.

#4: My favourite pink floyd song:

#3 The T-shirt I bought after the 650th Grenada Hash. This wasn’t particularly crazy, but is at number 3 because of all the good times I’ve had on hashes.

#2: I bought this vest on the first leg of my around the island run. The run from campus to Grenville (22 miles) is the longest I’ve ever done at a stretch. The bus driver (his name was Fat Man) refused to give me a ride in my sweaty t-shirt and I bought this vest at a department store in Grenville.

#1: I jumped out of a plane for this T-shirt, and I am terrified of heights. That is why this is at number 1.


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