Posted by: adithoughts | January 9, 2011

My run around the island-Baby steps-Part 1 of 5

I rediscovered running after coming to Grenada. I started off small, going for 20 minute runs to Lighthouse road. Then I thought of running to Spiceland Mall, which at 5 miles was about double the distance of my previous runs. This seemed very far away, both in my head since it was a very different atmosphere from campus, and in terms of physical distace. The first day I ran to Spiceland Mall was challenging, but after a few more runs, I got used to the distance and it became an everyday affair last Spring.

My next big jump was to run to St George’s, which is a 13 mile run from campus. Again, the thought of running to St George’s seemed incredulous and I pondered on it for a bit. Then one morning when I was particularly flustered with life, I decided to run to St George’s. Initially I ran one way and took a bus back. The next time around, I ran both ways.

Having just done the run to St George’s, I started thinking of how each new  goal seems daunting and difficult at first, but with proper preparation, very doable. I wondered to myself, half-jokingly, if it would be possible to run around the island? I was convinced that it is a crazy thought, but I decided to prepare myself for it during the Spring of 2010 and try and run the distance at the end of the semester.

Next: Practice run to Grenville with Roy, Ti, Alice, Paget, and Ben.


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