Posted by: adithoughts | December 8, 2010

What do you think of 4th term?

As we come to an end of  one of the most grueling semesters in our lives so far, I want to know how 4th term has affected you.

Why should you do it? You should do it because the words you write now will remain with you for the rest of your life and you can look back on them 30 years down the line. You should also do it because it’ll help you come to terms with what you just experienced. It’ll help you and others realize you are not alone. Last but not least, it’ll give you a reason to procrastinate before the CPD exam.

Post your replies in the comment boxes or email them to me at If you want, I will post your comments under your name, anonymously, or not at all.



  1. Hey Adi,
    I saw this post on my home feed for fb and thought I would post. Fourth term has truly been one of the most grueling experiences of my life thus far. I must say, all the hype surrounding this term is well deserve. I have never felt so beat down, so tired, but also so fascinated by what I was learning all at the same time. It is a tough lesson to pick yourself up when you just dont want to study any more, sacrificing that one hour of sleep when all you want is to crash on your bed. I definitely ran into a lot of “walls” this semester, when I just didn’t want to do anything.
    But in the end, it was worth it.

  2. Hey Adi, thanks for asking me to post my thoughts on 4th term. I dont have many positive things to say, but I’ll try to keep it balanced. Here goes:

    4th Term is hard, but not necessarily because of the material. The Path department hides behind this facade of “promoting time management skills”, which is a PC term for “going to give you a bunch of busy work”. After whoring all your time away for some bonus points, there is precious little time left to dedicate to independent study. And this is just for Path. At some point before exams, you begin to realize that you are taking 2 other classes concurrently. SGU knows that this term is ridiculous, and each department does their part to add to the ridiculous-ness. I cant really knock the system too much, because I did learn a lot and I did learn to deal with stress to a certain extent. But after feeling like a rape victim 5+ times during the term, I am tired, exhausted, and probably dehydrated from all the Monster I drank.

  3. 4th Term hmmm wat can i say? where to begin. I’ll be frank it was a difficult term but like my mentors wld say, not impossible since many have conquered and still continue to do so. This was a term that changed ur perspective and ur view in medicine and it kinda gave one a glimpse of wat clinical medicine entailed. Personally i learnt that ur support system was everything especially in the moments when u didn’t have the strength to study but knew u had to keep on going as the pile of work did not wait for u to recuperate. I also learnt that hapiness was also a key ingredient in success coz simple moments of happiness left u feeling all refreshed and ready to go back to the never-ending load of work. We all camein as different pple and the experience we gained i believe left an indelible mark on all of us and has definitely made us stronger.
    Some aspects i enjoyed abt 4th term was the learning experienece from so many pple especially during the slide presentations. Thus far, we have had little avenues do sit together and share ideas and so i absolutely loved hearing what others had to say and believe me when i say we have great minds around us and we only need to take the time to listen and gain from their knowledge.
    Thanks Adi for this opportunity to share my 4th term experience in SGU.

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