Posted by: adithoughts | August 28, 2008

my idea for promoting squash and mentoring

I love squash and would like to see the sport grow. At the same time, I have been involved in a mentoring program over the last year and think that it is really useful to the kids.

I had this idea today to promote squash and provide mentoring opportunities to kids at the same time. One can ask different people who haven’t played squash before if they would like to learn the game. Alternatively, one can also ask intermediate players if they would like free lessons? At the same time, one gets in touch with kids and asks them if they would like to learn the game and tell their parents that this would be a mentoring opportunity as well.The adults get free squash lessons in return for giving a half hour to an hour of their time to mentor the kid who is on the court with them also learning the game.

Any thoughts?



  1. great idea! But can a person who is himself learning, mentor another…even if the other is a child?

  2. Hey Shruti,

    I was thinking that the mentorship would involve doing non-squash things with the kids in return for the lessons. What say you?


  3. Well..that might work. Something like the big brother programme, if i’m not wrong?

  4. yup. i was volunteering with the Big Brother program last year and think it’s a really good program.

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